It’s the taking part that counts

It’s vital that our research takes in account as many first person responses as possible. This means that we are not only interviewing members of the Chapter and the people who work in the cathedral on a daily basis, but also members of the public who visit and worship here, whether it’s their local church or the very first time they’ve visited a cathedral. It’s important to gather a wide scope of responses, not only to ensure that our research is balanced but to reflect the experience of change in season, light, sound, activity and demands on the cathedral space throughout the year.

We need your help to do this! At the back of the nave, near the Welcome Desk, is a box containing forms where you can let us know your own thoughts on how you experience sound and silence. You can write as much or as little as you like and we’d encourage everyone (including children) to get involved. Some of the questions you might like to think about are:

  • What did you hear when you first arrived in the cathedral today?
  • How does the experience of sound change as you move about the building?
  • Where can you find silence in the building?
  • Do the sounds you hear make it easier or harder to connect to the history of the building?
  • Are there any seasons or special occasions in the cathedral that you associate with particular sounds?
  • Do the sounds inside the cathedral help you feel connected or disconnected from the city?

If you have any questions or want to contribute to this project, but don’t have time to visit the cathedral, you can drop us an email:¬† or find us on twitter:




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